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At the core of Caprock, our molding capabilities have brought acclaim and regard to our clients. Our clientele includes a wide variety of Fortune 500 and Blue Chip OEM's with exacting performance and manufacturing requirements.

Our team specializes in very complex mold designs and has often overcome challenges that would have stopped many projects from completion. It's this level of commitment that sets Caprock apart from the rest. From our early involvement in the design stage of your project, our clients have found the assurance that their project is in the capable hands of our experienced staff of engineers, machinists, and process staff.

Material choices of any project is critical to its success. Mold designs rely heavily on the material that is being utilized. Our experience with thermoplastics and especially engineered plastics, brings every project one step closer to production.

Utilizing the resources of our global partners, we can help get your products to market quicker and on budget. This, coupled with our state of the art manufacturing facility, allows Caprock to be the partner that ensures the success of your project.